Kerri Weaver is a passionate and caring service provider. She loves sharing her knowledge and skills to supporting those with vision impairment and additional disabilities. Kerri has worked in the field of disability for over 30 years. Her experience includes working in Tonga with a specialist team on multiple occasions.

"The challenge was simplifying the resources to enable the local people to make progress and learn more in order to meet their future needs within their own environments."

Kerri created Eyes and Independence to provide a quality service over a quality period of time, for life-long learning. She wanted to ensure that each client was offered an individualised program to suit their needs. By providing access to information, and quality learning materials, Kerri hopes to encourage her clients to participate fully in the community, and enable growth throughout their life time.

"I love networking and sharing information. I love assisting with local activities, accessible services, and support groups, as well as building connections between families, their children, and quality service providers. The information I share will always be specific and relevant, and my approach always highly respectful of privacy."


Bachelor of Teaching - Special Education (Vision Impairment)

Graduate Diploma - Early Childhood

Masters in Human Services (Orientation & Mobility, Rehabilitation, Disability) 

Kerri maintains her Queensland Teacher Registration & is a financial member of Professional Associations - South Pacific Educators Vision Impairment (SPEVI); Orientation Mobility Australasia Association (OMAA)